We are.

Leikur is a professional localization team offering customized solutions for the localization of games for various platforms from English to German. We have a proven track record of delivering creative high-quality localization services for the game industry. Our team consists of specialists with different key areas in the localization process. However, all members of our team have one thing in common: We are all expert linguists and passionate gamers.

We offer.

We offer a wide range of innovative and high quality services that guarantee  the professional and contemporary localization of your product. We offer a complete portfolio of localization services, but are of course also available for individual parts of your project, such as translation, editing, proofreading and linguistic testing.
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Project Management
Project analysis, schedule and budget supervision, and 24/7 support for our customers working in different time zones.
Management of recurrent and dynamic updates.

Localization Process

Translation, proofreading, and editing of user interfaces, in-game texts, manuals, scripts and related marketing material, such as press releases, newsletters and websites.
Translation, editing and adaptation of scripts for voice-overs and dubbing.
Creation and use of glossaries and CAT tools to ensure consistency within a project and compliance with first-party terminology.
Creation of glossaries for add-ons, updates and sequels.

Linguistic Game Testing
Localization testing - checking of onscreen text and audio.
Checking of terminology, consistency and character length.
Professional, clear and efficient bug reporting, fixing and follow-up.

Experience is Our Game.

We have experience with the localization of RPGs, strategy games, adventure games, action games, sports games, simulation games and all other kinds of entertainment software for PCs and consoles.
We are specialized in the localization of social games, mobile games and apps for various platforms. We also offer customized testing solutions.

We work for you.

Our clients are at the heart of all of our endeavors. We value partnership and teamwork and are always focused completely on your projects - we guarantee an overall service completely tailored to your professional needs. And of course, we strive to give you the best value. Our project manager is available 24/7 and guides you through all the stages of our project, so get in touch now and let's get your game ready for the German speaking world!

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The Team.

Marlon Martinez

Freelance Translator, Editor (EN/FR - DE) and Project Manager since 2005. Avid Gamer since "Super Mario Land" (Gameboy), "Civilization" (PC) and "The Settlers" (PC).

   Sven Schröder

Freelance Translator (EN-DE), Editor and Game Tester since 2008. Video game enthusiast since "Out on a Limb" (C16), "Donkey Kong" (Arcade) and "Paradroid" (C64).

  Steffen Keilbach

Freelance translator and Editor (EN/ES - DE) since 2010 and avid gamer since "The Amazing Spiderman"(Gameboy) and "Quake" (PC).

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